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It is simply not enough nowadays to build, or have built, a website and put it up on to the web for all to see. Currently Google (accounting for 36% of searches) indexes some 2,073,418,204 web pages, estimated at 1/25 of all available web documents. It is not uncommon to carry out a search and have 1 million documents returned, so how does a company make an impact within this arena?

Search Engine Optimisation
Search Engine Optimisation (often referred to as SEO) is about making sure YOUR website is returned as high as possible within the search results (data shows searchers do not look past the first 3 pages of results) for your chosen search terms or keywords.

The importance of choosing the correct search terms is fundamental in optimising a website, it not only ensures that your website is found among the results, but more importantly, the visitors to your website are highly targeted leads.

Over 57% of web users use search engines everyday, and when asked in a survey "Which of the following has helped you find your way to the Websites you use?" the No 1 answer was search engines with an 81% response rate. This compares with direct mail for example at 10%.

Search Engine Optimisation is now a recognised profession within the Internet community, more and more website owners are becoming aware of its massive benefits to new business activity. Because of this growing awareness it is no longer sufficient to add meta tags to a website and see results from it. The work of optimisation now begins at site structure level and effects every aspect of the site build from concept upwards.
The optimisation of a web site for search engines is now a fundamental part of a web sites success. If your site cannot be found for its product or service then how are people going to do business with you?

The market place really is global.

The Internet is a fast changing collection of documents and keeping track of the search engine world is in its self a demanding job, but one that is necessary if an effective search engine campaign is to be achieved.
For this reason our SEO's devote a lot of time to research on search engines and directories, along with active participation in several leading search engine related forums, this allows us to keep our customers web sites in tune with the current thinking of search engines.

We offer a fixed rate package for SEO services so contact us now for more information.

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